About this blog

This blog is primarily written to cover the nascent world of commercial space, as well as the much less nascenty (sic) world of computer software and the Internet.

As a native of Seattle, Washington, Jason also will (probably) blog about aspects of life in the Northwest.

Who is this Jason guy?

Jason Gerend (also known as "me") is a life-long geek and enthusiast of technology. With a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Psychology, he is fully qualified to assert that this blog will be (largely) BS-free.

Author and co-author of over 30 computer books, he sold out from being a freelance author and joined his wage-slave brethren working for The Man (BillG). He now shares his sardonic wit and passion for quality with his hapless peers at Microsoft. Don’t come here for a rose-colored or gray view of "the Evil Empire" – Jason is as quick to dispense criticism for his employer as he is to praise it (when well-deserved).

He is working part-time on a non-Microsoft writing project involving commercial space, and will be publishing more thoughts and observations on the industry as the project progresses.

All posts are copyright 2008 by Jason Gerend

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