Windows Live Writer, Blogs and WordPress

I just setup this new blog, and I’m trying out Windows Live Writer as my authoring tool with WordPress as my blog server (hosted by Godaddy). I started by using Windows Live Spaces, which worked pretty well, but was basic and had ads. I abhor subjecting readers to ads and didn’t want to spend more money for an ad-free site, so I figured I’d use my long disused Godaddy Web hosting account to host a ad-free blog. So far so good!

Windows Live Writer Errors

(Warning – boring technical details)

However, I immediately ran across this error when trying to publish:

Error Accessing Local Post

Unexpected error occurred while accessing local post (UnauthorizedAccessException)

Access to the path ‘\\<servername>\<sharename>\My Weblog Posts\Drafts\About this blog.wpost’ is denied.

It turns out, opening my draft posts from my Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts folder and then publishing the posts made the problem go away. Weird, but OK.

Update: It turns out that I continued to have problems when using my 64 bit Windows Vista SP1 desktop at work for a couple of days, and then mysteriously not. This computer uses My Documents redirection to store my Documents folder on a network share. For some reason, Windows Live Writer was having trouble accessing this folder, even though my work laptop can fine (using 32 bit Vista SP1). Also works fine on my 32 bit Vista SP1 desktop at home.

I also had trouble publishing to my blog from my work laptop when at work until I installed the ISA Server firewall client. It couldn’t detect the publishing method, and didn’t accept WordPress 2.2+ when I specified it manually. If you’re trying to post from a corporate network that uses a Microsoft ISA Server, you might need the client.

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